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Stay on top of things! Keep up with the latest trends in the live music industry, with what’s hot and what’s not, and claim your spot in the world’s fastest growing crowdsourced music community.

  • Viberate.com is the world’s biggest crowdsourced platform for listing and mapping the live music industry

    Viberate.com is the world’s biggest crowdsourced platform for listing and mapping the live music industry

    And when we say the biggest, we mean the biggest: we’re curating a database of 460,000 musicians, 100,000 venues, 2,000 booking agencies and 500,000 events, spanning all music genres and professional roles. But it’s not just about the quantity, it’s also about the quality: all artists are chart-ranked based on their popularity and every profile is furnished with all available social media links, which makes the discovery process easy and efficient.

  • Viberate provides invaluable music insights for both fans and professionals

    Viberate provides invaluable music insights for both fans and professionals

    One for all, all for one! Platform, of course. Viberate is the first service to cover each and every aspect of the music industry: musicians, music professionals, booking agencies, venues, organizers, events, and even fans and the media. Enriched with relevant info constantly run through our analytics tools, it provides invaluable music insights that enable you to find hot venues and events nearby, spot the next big stars-to-be, track shifts in music taste and benefit from trend predictions on a daily basis.

  • Viberate is fuelled by its contributors

    Viberate is fuelled by its contributors

    Power to the people! Since day one, Viberate has been built with the help of its users. In fact, our initial database was the result of over 50,000 committed pairs of hands that only pitched in out of their love of music. Some true music fans right there! Yes, working for the greater good can be reward enough. But we decided to give them something in return all the same.

  • Viberate rewards its users with VIB tokens

    Viberate rewards its users with VIB tokens

    The Viberate platform runs on user contributions. A unique reward protocol enables users to earn VIB tokens in exchange for their contribution to the service. As the core of the Viberate platform, the VIB token is the ultimate driver of growth and we intend to turn it into a go-to digital currency for the music industry in general.

Viberate is a real gamechanger and watching it measure the taste and the response of the public to different artists is a real treat!
Charlie Shrem
Blockchain Expert | Co-Founder @ Bitcoin Foundation
Charlie Shrem
Blockchain technology is the future! Viberate is using it to enhance and change the world of music, building the whole community around it. Exciting times!
Jure Leskovec
Professor @ Stanford University | Chief Scientist @ Pinterest
Jure Leskovec

The Viberate Way

  • Commission on bookings

    Today, only 20% of musicians are represented by booking agents, who usually get a 10-20% commission on each booking. Viberate will act as a de facto booking agency for all musicians with a profile on the Viberate platform. We want to give each and every musician in the world a well-deserved opportunity to get booked, regardless of their genre, country or popularity.

  • Subscription and VIB use

    Why not use other interaction possibilities, besides musician bookings! Let the amazing music analytics guide you through the endless possibilities of the biggest global live music community. At Viberate, all interactions that are not subject to commission are available for purchase in the form of subscription packages or in exchange for the previously earned VIB tokens.

  • Advertising

    We believe in the power of advertising, so we make it possible for musicians to expose their profiles in different charts and get their chances to shine. Artist exposure, which can be bought with ETH or VIB tokens, may prove to be just the thing to propel them into the spotlight.

  • Ticketing

    Listing hundreds of thousands of events on the artist profiles, Viberate has a unique opportunity of tapping into this multibillion-dollar market. Paper tickets are giving way to the electronic ones, and to go a step further, we intend to implement a blockchain-based ticketing service, where we will charge a commission on every ticket sold through our system.

  • 3rd party integrations

    Data is power! Viberate's extensive music analytics provide insightful information for different outlets, such as the music media, streaming services, larger booking agencies and others. Literally anyone can benefit from Viberate’s rich pool of information.

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