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Media Feed

  • Capturing the Blockchain Music Vibe

    Hip and rhythmic: that’s the vibe one gets while visiting an online community at the intersection of blockchain technology and music. Known as Viberate, it is a blockchain-based, live-music marketplace for musicians, fans and event organizers....

  • Live Music Marketplace Viberate’s VIB Tokens Listed on Changelly

    Decentralized music marketplace Viberate, whose tokens sold out under five minutes during the ICO held in September 2017, is increasing the liquidity and reach of its VIB tokens with a new partnership with The partnership essentially...

  • Viberate Partners With Changelly For Mass Token Adoption

    Music industry blockchain company Viberate has entered into a partnership with crypto conversion platform Changelly. The move will facilitate the greater adoption of its VIB tokens which are also gaining greater traction on global...

  • Vibarate Token’ları Changelly Platformunda!

    Blockchain altyapılı canlı müzik platformu Viberate, Changelly ile partnerlik anlaşması yaptı. Anlaşmaya göre Changelly üzerinden Mastercard ve Visa kartlarıyla Viberate token’ı alınabilecek. Eylül 2017’de düzenlediği ICO’yla büyük bir başarıya...

  • Music Coins Weather The Cryptopocalypse

    As the crypto market begins to recover from Bitcoin's early-2018 slump, the companies behind the some of biggest music-focused coins are bullish on their future...

  • Slovenia is Becoming a Target Destination for Blockchain Companies

    Slovenia has always strived to become a technology-friendly country. Many governments referred to Slovenia as the Silicon Valley of Europe, but so far there has been no major breakthrough in this area; however, it seems that with the advent of...

  • Slowenien: Zielort für Blockchain-Unternehmen?

    Slowenien hat sich immer bemüht, ein technologiefreundliches Land zu werden. Viele Regierungen haben Slowenien als das Silicon Valley Europas bezeichnet, aber bisher gab es keinen größeren Durchbruch in diesem Bereich. Nun scheint es jedoch, dass...

  • Imogen Heap partners with Viberate

    Blockchain pioneer Heap is to lend her support in an advisory role to Viberate, which is using the distributed ledger technology to connect the global live music...

  • Imogen Heap backing Viberate to revolutionize the music industry

    Heap, an artist The Guardian previously described as "the saviour of the music industry" has taken an advisory role at the new Blockchain based music industry platform Viberate, and will assist them with developing the best user experience possible...