Our People

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We’re a crazy bunch of enthusiasts from all over the world. We get shit done! Because we strongly believe that every musician on this planet deserves a chance to shine.

the Founders

Matej, Vasja and Umek. Three friends. Three minds. One vision. A trio with a taste for adventure that started when Umek, a world-famous DJ, asked his buddies to become his music managers.

But taking over the club scene and putting Umek on the map as one of the best techno DJs in the world wasn't enough! Why dream small if you can shake things up globally, right? So, once the crazy trio got rolling, creating Viberate - and changing the entire music industry - was only a matter of time. When they’re not out there conquering the world, Matej, Vasja and Umek are super nice and super relaxed family guys, who enjoy the best of both worlds!

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