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Latest releases & upgrades

January 2018

  • Release: VIBERATE 2.0.1

    Minor security updates and bug fixes


    • SMS sign-up verification for enchanced security. 
    • 100VIB minimum withdrawal limit. 
    • Frontend link checking when adding new entities to the database.

December 2017

  • Release: WWW.VIBERATE.IO 1.1

    Released on: Version: 1.1

    A brand new .io page has been released, complete with the up-to-date release history, relevant token information, current exchange movement and VIB's utility value.

  • Release: VIB STORE

    A new, redesigned VIB store

    Released on: Version: 1.1

    An upgraded version of the VIB store with a completely redesigned look and expanded inventory. Users are now able to purchase merchandise with VIB tokens.

October 2017


    A comprehensive system rewarding users with our VIB tokens

    Released on: Version: 1.0

    Now you can join the ranks of music enthusiasts and professionals worldwide, contribute to the live music ecosystem, and be rewarded with VIB tokens. We reward users for promoting our platform, growing our user base and contributing to our database by adding or curating different entities. With the launch of the rewarding system, we have also implemented Version 1.0 of the VIB wallet. Users are now able to withdraw the VIB tokens they have earned and send them to the desired Ethereum wallets, by using our simple interface.

September 2017


    Released on: Version: n/a

    A first step to implementing the blockchain technology into our service and a means of assuring the next round of financing.

August 2017


    Launch of the Venue and Event profiles

    Released on: Version: 1.0

    Pursuing our vision to join the entire live music ecosystem in one place, we upgraded our entity database with the profiles of music venues and events. All our profiles are furnished with relevant and up-to-date information, which makes the discovery and decision-making processes simple, quick and efficient.

June 2017

  • Release: WWW.VIBERATE.IO

    Launch of the site

    Released on: Version: 1.0

    To prepare our service for the crowdsale, we launched a campaign and published a designated website with all the relevant information for the potential contributors.

May 2017

  • Release: VIBERATE 2.0

    Expanded to all music genres

    Released on: Version: 2.0

    With Version 2.0 we have expanded to all music genres. We now have a database of over 130,000 musician profiles, containing all the relevant information, including relevant analytical content, the latest media feed and booking information.

November 2016

  • Release: VIBERATE 1.0

    A comprehensive analytical service for electronic music

    Released on: Version: 1.0

    The biggest curated DJ database with over 50,000 deejays was launched.

March 2013


    A simple DJ ranking service

    Released on: Version: 1.0

    A simple DJ ranking service.