Vibe (VIB) is the heart of Viberate's microeconomy

A live music industry token anyone can earn and spend

Earning Vibes

Adding new profiles into the database
Curating and updating information in existing profiles
Adding events into the database
Referring friends
Promoting Viberate on social media and blogs
Writing articles

Spending Vibes

Paying booking fees
Buying subscriptions for premium services
Buying advertising space on
Buying event tickets
Getting access to premium industry contacts
Trading on exchanges

Earning and spending only makes sense if the token's value grows. Initially we will assure the value growth and liquidity with buybacks. A portion of Viberate's revenue will be spent on buying Vibe tokens from the market and putting them into the bounty pool for contributors to earn. This way the value of the token will grow along with the size of the service.
Eventually, the Vibe will become the go-to digital currency for booking live performances by musicians around the world.

Giving back to the contributing community

Power and tokens to the people!

Viberate has always been a community project. The initial database of musician profiles was built with the help of over 50 thousand contributors, who got nothing in return for their work. Sometimes being a true music fan and feeling like a part of something big is enough. But we believe that community work should result in sharing the proceeds of its efforts. One of the main purposes of the Vibe is investing into the growth of the service. We will reward community efforts with Vibes from our bounty pool. The pool will be fuelled by the profits from excercising our business models. The below scheme illustrates Vibe's circle of life.

Supply of Vibes

Initial 10,000,000 Vibes (5%)

The initial supply of Vibes for the bounty pool will be generated upon our token crowdsale. We will transfer 5,000 Vibes into the bounty pool each day for the first 2,000 days.


Reveneue share from different streams (30%)

30% of all Viberate's earnings, regardless of the business model, will be immediately transfered into the bounty pool.


Cryptocurrency exchange

Share of earnings received in other cryptocurrencies will be exchanged for Vibes on exchanges at a market price, with the purchased Vibes later being transferred into the bounty budget.
This will positively influence the liquidity and market price of the Vibe.


Daily bounty pool

Daily bounty pool

Bounty pool will be drained in 24-hour periods.

At the end of each period the total amount of Vibes will be distributed among contributors, whose awarded actions will be marked valid by the editorial team in the respective period.


Giving Vibes to the community

Content contribution

Users will be awarded each time they add a new profile into the database, curate information in the existing ones, write articles or add any other piece of information that gets approved by the editorial team.
The list of awarded contributions will be updated and new actions added regularly.


Referral program for user aquisition

Users taking part in our invite-a-friend program will be awarded Vibes for each friend they get to register via their referral link.