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Good musicians deserve good representation and we are here to do the job.

Viberate's team is a combination of experienced managers, developers, product leads, marketers, event organizers and cryptocurrency experts. The team is truly dedicated to pursuing the vision of changing the live music industry.

  • The Founders

    Viberate's founders – Matej, Vasja and Umek – started their musical journey together when Umek, a world-famous DJ, asked them to be his managers. Together they conquered the club scene, and Umek is still considered one of the best techno DJs in the world. They could have led peaceful and comfy lives with steady careers in music, kept touring in Miami, Ibiza and Las Vegas, but noooo. They had to go and found a startup, even though they are in their forties and have families, mortgages and dogs. But isn’t that what life is all about? New challenges, new, exciting paths and not knowing what the future holds. We drink to that.

  • Matej Gregorčič

    Matej Gregorčič

    Founder & CEO

    Matej has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He founded one of the biggest event management agencies in the country. His company won numerous awards on marketing festivals and did some pioneering work in digital marketing. He specializes in team leadership and strategic planning.

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  • Vasja Veber

    Vasja Veber

    Founder & CEO

    After earning a master’s degree in marketing, he joined Matej to found a music management agency. Since then, he has been managing one of the best techno DJs in the world, DJ UMEK. With over 10 years in the music business, he has formed an impressive network of music influencers.

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  • Uroš Umek

    Uroš Umek

    Founder & Celebrity Ambassador

    An A-list world-famous techno DJ. With 100 shows across the globe each year, UMEK is one of the world’s biggest electronic music artists. He is also an award-winning producer with more than 20 years in music.

Our Core Team

  • Boštjan Žakelj

    Boštjan Žakelj


    Bostjan is an experienced senior engineer. He has been a lead tech force at Viberate since the very beginning and is responsible for building a social media analytics engine, capable of analyzing billions of data points daily.

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  • Anil Shrestha

    Anil Shrestha


    Anil is a Product and Marketing Manager with over 15 years of experience in leading regional startups and various industries, including e-commerce, marketplaces and digital media. He has a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool.

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  • Ana Križmančič

    Ana Križmančič


    After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications, Ana got her first job in a communication management agency. She pursued a career in event management, achieving the position of an Account Director and partner, and managing projects for many international clients in the Adriatic region. In the meantime, she obtained a master’s degree in marketing from the Faculty of Economics. After 8 years of event management, she decided to further develop her career in digital marketing.

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  • Matic Magister

    Matic Magister

    Head of Community Management

    Matic studied economics, but has always enjoyed working with people and engaging in social interactions. He also has a strong passion for music, which makes him a perfect choice for Viberate's Head of Sales Support.

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  • Rok Bavec

    Rok Bavec

    Senior Developer, Data Scientist

    Rok graduated in applied mathematics. Specializing in data analytics, he has developed a series of algorithms for measuring online popularity among musicians.

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  • Kristian Gorenc

    Kristian Gorenc


    Kristian specializes in digital marketing and PR. He has worked with several international brands, strategically planning and executing successful campaigns. He is also a skilled PR professional, managing the social media presence, advertising and press relations for a superstar musician and his label.

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  • Luka Kaše

    Luka Kaše

    Art Director

    With more than 20 years of experience in graphic design and several years in photography, Luka has worked with all of the major clients and agencies in the region. His graphic design work goes back to when flyers were the next big thing, while his photography portfolio includes all of Slovenia’s greatest musicians, and, as he proudly points out, Nirvana’s last concert in Ljubljana.

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  • Matjaž Muhič

    Matjaž Muhič

    UX & Design

    Matjaž developed his first website at the age of 13, and it only went up from there. Years of working for a renowned design studio gave him the necessary experience to be a part of this project. He finished his studies in graphic communication at the University of Ljubljana, and is currently working on his master’s thesis.

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  • Rok Babič

    Rok Babič

    Senior Blockchain Developer

    Rok found his true passion with the release of Ethereum, when he immediately started developing DApps. He cofounded Spartan solutions d.o.o., a company that aims to become the leading decentralized solutions provider and integrator in the region.

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  • Ina Veber

    Ina Veber

    General Counsel

    Ina is a lawyer with a PhD in international business. She specializes in international law. Currently, she’s researching the implications of the blockchain technology on intellectual property.

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  • Mateja Tomažinčič

    Mateja Tomažinčič

    Art Director

    Mateja graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, acquiring a broad knowledge of photography and graphic design, and the Faculty of Social Sciences, specializing in musicians as brands. She has considerable experience and great skills in graphic design, art direction and video production.

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  • Jure Zagoričnik

    Jure Zagoričnik

    Front-end Developer

    Computers have been Jure's trustworthy companions since the early days of the 8-bit era. He can stand firm against most of the front-end baddies the web can throw at him, from HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to now deprecated Flash. He doesn't like to talk about it, but he can do some nifty things in 3D, the proof of which are a dozen of awards and publications.

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  • Emil Avdič

    Emil Avdič


    His love of technology started when he was still a kid playing games and disassembling old computers. He graduated from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, where his main interests were web development, algorithms and game development. He has found security protocols to be his biggest passion. Accordingly, finding security holes on Viberate’s webpage makes for some of the most thrilling parts of his workday.

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  • Senad Žunić

    Senad Žunić

    Team Lead

    During college, he successfully combined his love of science engineering and that of computers. He has been driven by many different challenges, one of the biggest ones was figuring out how to make people work for a common goal and succeed in it. That’s why he describes himself as an entrepreneur, manager, team leader and architect; all in one person.

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  • Zejnil Jaganjac

    Zejnil Jaganjac

    Web Designer

    Zejnil has a bachelor’s degree in science. After graduating from the University of Tuzla, he pushed himself from the safe shores of the monotone teaching work to the wild and ever-changing seas of IT. To survive and strive in these waters, he sharpened his skills as an IT trainer, web & graphic designer and system administrator. Waves of experience and islands of strong business people and companies have enabled him to become what he is today – a skilled professional with the human touch.

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  • Nik Turk

    Nik Turk

    Head of Database Team

    Nik has an extensive knowledge of music. He has been responsible for building our large Artist and Venue database from the very beginning.

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  • Matjaž Čosić

    Matjaž Čosić

    Event Manager

    Matjaž has dedicated a big part of his life to music – both privately and professionally. Performing on stages all around the world, managing his band's international tours and organizing all kinds of music festivals, concerts and parties gave him a deep insight into every aspect of the music industry. In the last decade, he specialized in event management at one of the largest event management agencies in the country. He could be described as a curious person with an eye for detail and a remarkable coordination ability

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  • Gordana Kovačevič

    Gordana Kovačevič

    Office Manager

    Gordana is an experienced Office Manager with years of experience. She knows exactly what a company needs for the work to proceed smoothly. She is very straightforward, but loves teamwork and cares a lot about great work relationships.

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